Renewable Energy Solutions


Biofibre utilizes proven commercial drying technology which is capable of drying  wood products such as hog fuel, wood chips, MDF chips, and OSB strands. The units dry product at a volume of 25 tons per hour output (taken down to 8%). Bio-fibre also has the ability through another application to render the product hydrophobic, meaning it will no longer absorb water. Bio-fibre has found this especially effective for the Asian markets where there is a demand for hydrophobic material.

While other processes (such as torrefaction) can be used to create a hydrophobic product,  our process is different in the fact that while torrified products typically use a 4:1 ratio of feedstock to finished product, the process used by Bio-Fibre only uses a 2:1 ratio, literally doubling the efficiency.

Bio-Fibre is currently expanding service based contracts and export yards across North America. New inquires are always welcome!